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Ivan Petley

Master puzzle maker

I Have been using woodworking tools from the age of 6 making all sorts of items. For the last 47 years I have concentrated on multi-layered 3d puzzles, these vary from 2 to 5 layers. These are not only a puzzle, but also ornamental, educational and challenging.

They vary in difficulty to suit a variety of ages. each puzzle is contained within it’s own case, and is unique, in that no two puzzles are the same, as each one is cut freehand using a fret saw and band saw, thus bespoke.

My puzzles have been sent to most parts pf the world, and orders come in for varied items, animals, odd shapes and even a Human brain puzzle!!

I do make puzzles suitable for young children, starting with single layer, but these must be ordered individually

The gallery shows some of the stock items. Others are made to order, these will take two to three weeks before posting 

Visitors can come and see my workshop and display area. Some of you may have seen me exhibiting in England, Wale, Jersey, Holland and France…

All my puzzles have my name and address on a brass disc, this means that they are not copies



Contact Ivan

05 55 80 29 98

14 Les Brégères 23150 Saint Martial le Mont

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